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Incident Management Workspace

The Incident Management Workspace in PRATUS™ uses advanced data analytics to give Disaster and Crisis Managers situational awareness and decision science tools in a collaborative, Microsoft Teams integrated environment. Disaster Tech's patented technology provides impact-based risk assessment to critical infrastructure with a focus on power outage prediction in support of business and mission continuity. Agencies and organizations use Pratus to be smarter when preparing for, responding to, and recovering from crisis situations.

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Exercise Workspace

The Exercise Workspace within PRATUS is used to plan, manage, and assess military and government exercises in a centralized and collaborative workspace environment. Master Exercise Planners and Exercise staff members can plan, collaborate, and execute every aspect of an exercise from kick-off meetings to gathering data for After Action Reports. Users can manage exercise, scenario-based events with Master Scenario Events List (MSEL) injects aligned to exercise objectives for user-based assessments, and view qualitative and quantitative analytics in real-time. Exercise Workspace serves as a comprehensive application for exercise control cells to validate plans, increase readiness, analyze trends, and fully understand the value of exercises by presenting DoD and organization leaders exercise performance data and information.

AI for Disaster Management

DisasterGPT™, our patent pending AI-powered tool, empowers exercise and incident managers with real-time situational awareness, enabling quick and effective decision-making. From SITREPS to real-time and after-action reports, our platform centralizes data for prompt access to mission-critical data.


Rapid Communication for Disaster Managers

In the past, emergency managers spent valuable time searching for accurate and current data during events. Now, with just one click of a button, you can load current SITREPs. Plus, with DisasterChat’s Microsoft Team capability, role-based chats can be summarized into a rolling report for clear communication and seamless transition between shifts.

DisasterChat lets you say goodbye to the headaches of data silos and documentation fatigue, and hello to rapid intel exchange.

  • Easily create custom SITREPS for events and areas of responsibility.
  • Reload SITREPS anytime, anywhere, to receive real-time updates.
  • Get relevant data with automatically populated information from the web.
  • View the entire SITREP history, which helps improve ongoing planning.

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