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Tools for Every Phase of Disaster Management


Disaster Tech has developed the world’s first comprehensive, end to end data aggregation and data science platform, providing real time analytics and decision support for research and risk management of natural hazards, climate change, and disasters.

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Data Science for Disaster Management


The Data science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE) is a web-based data visualization and  exploration platform, with user-defined and self-service analytics and data science tools. DICE is currently in BETA, with full premium access planned for release in June 2020, the start of hurricane season. Sign up now to receive early access to  premium DICE.

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Fight Misinformation in Disasters


Disaster Tech and Graphistry partnered to defang misinformation on the internet and help communities take action to provide the right information, reduce risk, and enhance resilience.

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Data Driven Analytics for Optimized Decision Making

When a disaster hits, response time is critical. Disaster Tech provides quick, reliable data to allow you to make the most informed decision possible in the shortest amount of time possible. We work at the nexus of data science and decision making, and our tools are built to meet the demands of real-time disaster response, recovery, mitigation, and preparedness missions. Whether you are a small on the ground nonprofit or a large decision making entity, our state of the art software will allow you to harness the power of geospatial charting, graphing, and text analysis to ensure that you are fully prepared for what will meet you in the field. 

What's New

Disaster Tech partnered with the best minds and leading institutions in the industry, to include NVIDIA and Microsoft.  Learn more about how we are partnering with the best in industry, academia, and non-governmental sectors to solve challenges before, during, and after disasters.

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