Hurricane Michael Intensification

Decision science platform for risk and resilience


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Decide with Data Science

Access risk data and evidence based models for better informed decision-making.

Optimize Planning

Replace legacy systems using our cutting edge platform with AI and predictive analytics.

Connect Your Team Anywhere

Leverage our tools for your virtual emergency operations center or to coordinate across sectors. 

Accelerate Time to Decision

Save lives, protect the environment, and build resilient communities with the most sophisticated, advanced analytics and distributed high-performance computing platform on the planet.

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Everything in One Pane of Glass®

Access real-time cross sector data for situational awareness and operational coordination across multiple hazards ​such as wildfires, hurricanes, or Coronavirus (COVID-19) all in one place.

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Transform from React to Resilient

Gain real-time insights on risk facing your enterprise or community, moving your team from reactionary to resiliency.

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Our Company

At Disaster Tech, we live to serve those that are most at risk. Since its inception, our company has been led by disaster management experts, ensuring that the tools we develop are emergency manager informed. Disaster Tech provides emergency managers with innovative tools to prepare, build resilient communities, and mitigate risk. Using AI, data science, and predictive analytics, we're creating a constant evolution of disaster management technology – one that saves lives, money, and time.

Through our platform, the Data science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE), we provide web-based data visualization and data exploration software with user-defined and self-service analytics and data science tools. Through our tools, emergency managers can gain access to the most comprehensive disaster risk data inventory to explore in real-time before, during, and after disasters.

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