Full Tech Stack Built for Disaster Managers

Disaster Tech provides web-based data visualization and data exploration software with user-defined and self-service analytics and data science tools. Gain access to the most comprehensive disaster risk data inventory to explore in real-time before, during, and after disasters.


Employ the tech stack to build plans, design trainings, and conduct exercises before disasters.


Leverage real-time streaming data feeds in context with hundreds of authoritative data sets from government and industry sources for geospatial intelligence, data science, and active analytics.


Access machine learning and advanced damage assessment, economic models, and community planning tools to accelerate recovery efforts.


Protect your community from disaster by understanding and addressing vulnerabilities to reduce risk and build more resilient communities.

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High Performance Tech Stack

Built for the Disaster Community

Subscribe to the platform as an integrated service and gain access to clustered GPU servers in a multi cloud environment, providing scalability and resilience for any incident size and scope. Purposefully designed to support integration with existing operations platforms, our platform allows you to gain all the necessary contextual relevance for Emergency Management within existing operational environments. Additionally, Source System of Record (SSoR) level data from all government sources assures end users that all decision support is provided using authoritative datasets from requisite approved entities.


Active Analytics and Decision Support

Tailored to You

Our platform converges cross sector data in real-time, utilizing geospatial charting to allow you to visualize the current on-the-ground situation. This gives you the ability to view a situation overview as well as dive deeper into the impact metrics, in order to make more informed decisions on how to act. Your organization can find the disaster's effects on the power grid, health and medical systems, safety and security, and much more, all in one place.


Get Support

Free software to help communities in need

Our team partnered with World Hope International to build Get Support, consulting on how to best address the need created by COVID in communities and building a corresponding custom software solution. The Get-Support software project allows communities to match those in need with those willing to help from local organizations such as churches, temples, mosques, or any community group. Individuals can request or donate both goods and services through Get-Support, everything from the delivery of daily living requirements such as groceries and toiletries to assistance with services such as yard work, childcare, or even just to reach out for a compassionate call.

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Project Domino

Fighting against social media misinformation

Bad actors on the internet spread intentionally false websites, statements, and theories on social media to disinform and undermine authoritative or trusted sources as well as public's trust in proper sources.  COVID-19 and global elections have exposed how bad actors and advanced persistent threats spread hateful, intentionally harmful, and incorrect statements to achieve a political objective or cause public discord.  Our team partnered with Graphistry for Project Domino to fight against social media disinformation using GPUs, graph analytics, and neural networks.

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Open Disaster Data Store

Open Data for Disaster Management

Welcome to the Open Disaster Data Store (ODDS)

Our team created the first ever open data store with analytics ready data sets in multiple formats that are specifically curated for disaster managers.  The data store continues to grow everyday with volunteers and team members contributing to the inventory of authoritative and trusted data sources.

Core Tech Stack Design Principles

Our team follows a core set of design principles for guiding the development and sustainability of our technology stack.


User Centered Design

Before deploying any capability, we engage the user community to get their inputs and feedback on the design and development of our tools, ensuring that our tech stack is purpose built for their needs.


Science and Data as the Foundation

We focus the design of technology stack on evidence-based science and quality data curation.  One of our core products, the Open Disaster Data Store (ODDS), provides the most comprehensive disaster related data stores on the planet.  Leverage our rich data environment for disaster risk reduction, resilience, and response and recovery efforts.


Tell Stories with Data

Storytelling is an intrinsic human characteristic; stories connect communities before, during, and after disasters.  We strive to build tools to allow users and their communities to tell stories with the data, to compel action and decision-making to reduce risk and help build resilience.


Mitigate vulnerability and inequality

Disasters and crises always impact the most vulnerable members of society, affecting those without equitable socio-economic status or access to power structures.  Our goal is to democratize our technologies, from our open source tools, open data, and philanthropic efforts, while maintaining a sustainable, environmentally responsible company.  In addition, we strive to provide tools to help risk reduction efforts in communities to address acute and systemic vulnerability and inequity before, during, and after disasters.


Advance Risk Literacy and Education

Risk communication efforts will fail if the recipients of the information cannot understand it.  Our company seeks to build tools that inform and educate communities, households, and individuals about risk, to enhance global risk literacy before, during, and after disasters.


Prepare for the Unknown

Communities, agencies, and industry must prepare for all-hazards, from pandemics to earthquakes to major hurricanes.  Our tools provide the richest data environment with the most comprehensive modeling and analytics inventory to simulate, plan, train, exercise, and gamify your preparedness activities.

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