Nikko Schaff

Nikko Mitrano Schaff

Senior Software Engineer

Nikko Mitrano Schaff is a Software Engineer at Disaster Technologies Incorporated. Nikko is finishing his final semester of his Masters of Engineering in Computer Science at Cornell University, where he is pursuing disaster communications research with the All-Hazards Preparedness and Response Education Program.

Previously, Nikko worked for the Cornell College of Human Ecology as an Applications Developer, serving the diverse needs of over one-hundred faculty members and external clients such as the US Department of Health and Human Services.

In 2014, he graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied Computer Science and double minored in Entrepreneurship and Mandarin Chinese. Nikko’s favorite course was Maps, Spaces, and Places, where he learned the importance of pairing GIS with a strong foundation in sociological theory in order for transdisciplinary work groups across any sector to ethically develop and deploy technological solutions to sociological problems. As a student, Nikko founded a start-up called GradeSnap, which focused on developing algorithms for fast, reliable scanning of standardized tests as an alternative to expensive, proprietary scanning readers and printed materials. He also interned at Apple, where he worked on the Remote Desktop team for OS X.

“In a world where my technical skills are relevant to almost any industry, I am excited to be able to pursue a deeply meaningful and impactful career at Disaster Technologies assisting our society with adapting to a rapidly changing planet.”