Data science Integrated Collaboration Environment 

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Connect Your Team

Disaster Tech believes in arming disaster and emergency managers with high-quality technology that alleviates communication obstacles that exist today. That's why Disaster Tech's Data science Integrated Collaboration Environment (DICE) integrates directly into Microsoft Teams – where your team already works. Share reports, dashboards, and data across your team with ease to ensure everyone has the situational awareness necessary to make the best possible decision. Disaster Tech also utilizes open source technologies rather than proprietary software, enabling teams to share across organizations easily, breaking silos while still maintaining one common operating picture. 

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Stream Real-time Data

With DICE, teams have access to over 1,200 open-source datasets from a cross-section of government, private sector, and academic sources. Pre-vetted to prevent errors and cleaned for easy ingestion, these datasets are immediately ready to deploy. Stream real-time data for decision support or utilize historical data for predictive modeling and training exercises. Does your team have additional data to explore? Upload any files in CSV, JSON, and GeoJSON format with the click of a button. 

Leverage Automated Reports

Rather than wasting time to write and create new reports for every situation that arises, Disaster Tech's automated reports function generates them for you. Choose the hazards and threats that interest you and the criteria to trigger a workflow, and DICE will generate the report. Distribute it automatically via email or Microsoft Teams, and download it as a PDF document for your files. For added convenience, our library contains dozens of pre-made templates that can be customized to fit your team's needs. 

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Custom Built for You

Disaster Tech recognizes that every business, organization, and agency has different requirements and pain points, and we work hard to address your unique needs. If you require custom functionality, we will build it. Schedule a demo to discuss how we can arm your team with the technology and data necessary to save lives, money, and time.

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In 2018, Camp Fire tore through Butte County, becoming the deadliest fire in Californian history. Disaster Tech worked with partners to map and analyze the rebuilding process.

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Severe Weather

In collaboration with utility partners, Disaster Tech developed predictive modeling based on historical data to forecast power outages after Hurricane Barry.

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In order to track the spread of COVID-19, Disaster Tech worked with Indiana University to pull live Twitter data, filtered for misinformation, into platform for increased situational awareness.  

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Why take our word for it? Learn how DICE delivers a collaborative and sophisticated environment for disaster and emergency teams, ultimately helping them save lives, money, and time.

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