Hurricane Florence Flooding

In September of 2018, Hurricane Florence hit Cape Verde with estimated sustained winds of 130 mph and then rapidly weakened to tropical storm strength that caused torrential flooding throughout North and South Carolina. 

In order to communicate the full extent of the flood damage on homes and infrastructure in North Carolina, Disaster Tech's DICE ingested flood models from the Australian company Flood Mapp and overlaid them with land parcel data. The models, which can be predictive, current, or historical, clearly showed the extent of the damage at a granular level, while the customized DICE panels communicated additional relevant information, such as an event overview, a live stream of the flooding, markers for critical assets, and the specific property loss values.

In every stage of a disaster, emergency managers need a comprehensive understanding of what is happening on the ground. This dashboard is a snapshot of a hurricane in progress. However, DICE can as easily show blue-sky information so that responders and communities can be ready before the storm hits and minimize human and property loss.

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